The enchanting Azure Coconut Escape, a visually stunning and refreshing beverage that combines creamy blue foam, tropical coconut flavor, and a delicate floral touch for a captivating experience.


  • - 1 capsule Vertuo Tropical Coconut Flavour Over Ice
  • - 6 pcs Ice Cubes
  • - 15ml Vanilla Syrup
  • - 170ml Cold Milk 1.5%
  • - ½ Tsp Blue Pea Flower Powder


  1. Into a large Barista Recipe Glass, place 6 ice cubes (of 30g each), add 15ml of Almond Syrup and then pour in 70ml of 1.5% cold milk.
  2. Then, into your Nespresso Barista device, pour 100ml of 1.5% cold milk and add 1/2 Tsp of Blue Butterfly Pea Flower powder.
  3. Close the lid, select the “Espresso on Ice Macchiato” recipe and press the start button.
  4. Once ready, pour the blue foam into the Barista Recipe Glass, over the ice and milk.
  5. Into the glass, extract 80ml of Tropical Coconut Flavour Over Ice using ‘Coffee Creations’ mode on your Vertuo Next or Vertuo Pop (double-click on the coffee button, the color will change to turquoise, and extraction will start).
  6. Add 1 edible fresh pansy flower or Dried Cornflower Petals over it