Honeyed sweetness embraces a cloud of cool milk foam floating atop the bold, dark, roasty notes of ICE INTENSO . The touch of thyme takes you into the tastes of a Mediterranean summer in this creamy iced delight.


  • - 1 capsule ICE INTENSO
  • - 10g Honey
  • - 3 Ice cube
  • - 1 sprig Fresh organic thyme
  • - 150ml Milk
  • - 1 sprig Rosemary to garnish


  1. In a View Recipe glass add 3 ice cubes (30g each) and 10g of honey
  2. Pour the milk into your device and press for cold foam. Pour the cold milk foam into the glass and then extract one espresso (40 ml) over it. / With the Nespresso Momento or Aguila machines: Place the glass under the outlet and select the Latte Macchiato mode (Momento) or the Iced Macchiato mode (Aguila)
  3. Garnish with a sprig of thyme and a drizzle of honey