The zesty joy of orange meets the woodsy, citrus notes of rosemary in an iced 
coffee tonic destined to win summer. Transporting your senses to the heartbeat 
of the Mediterranean, this recipe’s sparkling brightness and unmistakable native 
fragrance pair elegantly with the bold, roasty notes of ICE INTENSO 


  • - 1 capsule ICE INTENSO
  • - 5 Ice cubes
  • - 1 Fresh orange slice (untreated
  • - 5ml Vanilla syrup
  • - 1 sprig Fresh rosemary (untreated
  • - 80ml tonic water


  1. Slightly squeeze a fresh untreated orange slice into a Recipe glass and add 4 ice cubes and 5 ml of vanilla syrup
  2. Add a sprig of fresh untreated rosemary and 80 ml of tonic water
  3. Extract 40 ml of ICE INTENSO into your Barista device. Add 1 ice cube, close the lid and press “Iced Nitro” mode / If using a shaker, pour the espresso shot into the shaker. Add one ice cube, seal your shaker tightly and shake vigorously to mix all the ingredients
  4. Gently pour your iced nitro coffee over the ingredients in your Recipe glass