Experience the Lively Citrus Splash, a soothing and invigorating cold coffee creation that combines creamy milk foam, a hint of vanilla, and the aromatic essence of fresh thyme for a truly revitalizing beverage.


  • - 7 (210g) Ice Cubes
  • - 20ml Caramel Syrup
  • - 1 piece Orange Zest
  • - 80m Barista Almond Milk
  • - 1 capsule Ice Forte
  • - Fresh Rosemary Branch and Orange Zest Toppings


  1. Into a Vertuo Alto Mug, place 7 ice cubes (of 30g each), add 20ml of Caramel Syrup, then pour in 80ml of Barista Almond Milk.
  2. Cut a small piece of orange zest, rub it between your hands to release the aromas and add it to the glass.
  3. Extract 230ml of Ice Forte into the glass, over the ingredients.
  4. Slap a branch of fresh rosemary to release the aromatics and place it over top of the drink along with another piece or orange zest to capture the essence of vibrant Sicily.