The exquisite Saffron Sunset Affogato, a delightful dessert that combines creamy vanilla ice cream, aromatic saffron-infused milk foam, and a rich Cadiz Espresso pour-over for a truly indulgent and visually stunning treat.


  • - 1 Scoop Vanilla Ice Cream
  • - 100ml 1.5% Cold Milk
  • - 1 capsule World Explorations Cadiz Espresso
  • - 1 pinch Saffron


  1. Into an Affogato Bowl (or cappuccino cup) place one scoop of vanilla ice cream.
  2. Then, pour 100ml of cold 1.5% milk into your Nespresso Barista Device and add a pinch of saffron. Close the lid, select the “Cappuccino” recipe and press the start button.
  3. While waiting, extract 40ml of Cadiz Espresso and pour it around the ice cream in the affogato bowl.
  4. Pour the aromatized milk foam from the Aeroccino over the ice cream and espresso.
  5. For a pop of colour, top it off with a few pieces of saffron.