Offer a tasteful gift

Gifting a gift card is like offering a thousand gift possibilities to your loved ones.

  • 10.00

    Gift Card

    With €10.00 you could purchase

    Up to 20 coffee capsules


    Up to 0 beautiful accessories

  • The perfect present for any occasion

    Ideal for parties, birthdays or special occasions, the Nespresso Gift Card can be used to purchase all Nespresso products, coffee varieties, Limited Editions, chocolate & bites, accessories and machines...

    Give a Made-to-order gift

    The Nespresso Gift Card is available in different amounts. It comes in an exclusive case and an elegant envelope and you can enclose a personal message with it.

    Choose simplicity

    The Nespresso Gift Card can be purchased and redeemed by phone, online, and in Nespresso boutiques.

    The perfect present for your employees

    Looking for employee recognition ideas? Empower your employees with a Nespresso Gift Card.

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