Your Nespresso coffee capsule is made of aluminum. Aluminum is 100% recyclable, and it is our ambition that every Nespresso coffee capsule takes on a new life. In Cyprus, we have developed a private recycling scheme to give new life to both aluminum and coffee grounds, and it is free of charge for you as a Nespresso customer to make use of this service. The aluminum in the Nespresso coffee capsules are recycled and coffee residues are converted into biofuel and compost. In this way the entire capsule is reborn.

We appreciate your effort to recycle your coffee capsules. Therefore we want to give you the opportunity to win exceptional prizes made from second life objects made from Nespresso coffee capsules. The RE:CYCLE by Vélosophy bike is made from recycled Nespresso coffee capsules, and you now have the opportunity to win it.


  • One lucky winner will be rewarded with a Velosophy bicycle made of recycled aluminium worth €1290

RE:CYCLE by Vélosophy is made in the same colour as the popular Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio coffee capsule. The bicycle frame contains around 40% recycled aluminium, including Nespresso coffee capsules. Furthermore, the bell is shaped as the iconic Nespresso coffee capsule, and the basket has a built-in cupholder designed for your coffee.

The RE:CYCLE bike is a Limited Edition product, created in only 1000 copies. Vélosophy is the only bicycle company in the world with a one-for-one promise - for every RE:CYCLE Vélosophy bike sold, they donate another bike to a schoolgirl in Ghana.



  • 1.Fill your Recycling Bag with used Nespresso coffee capsules.
  • 2.Fill out the sticker with your information. You can order the sticker here >
  • 3.Place the sticker on the Recycling Bag.
  • 4.Hand in your Recycling Bag in a Nespresso Boutique, or using our Recycling @ Home service return your filled recycling bag to the courier who delivers your order.
  • 5.You will be contacted directly, if you win the prize.
You can only apply one sticker per Recycling Bag. You can participate in the competition as many times as you like, but the Recycling Bag has to be full. The competition runs until 31st of December 2021 at 8:00 a.m. Read the Terms & Conditions here >



Regardless of how you receive your Nespresso coffee capsules, you are able to recycle them. You can return your used Nespresso coffee capsules in your Recycling Bag at:

  • 1.All Nespresso Boutiques coffee capsules.
  • 2.Using our Recycling @ Home service return your filled recycling bag to the courier who delivers your order.



  • You must be minimum 18 years old to enter the competition.
  • You must be resident in Denmark.
  • Employees at Nespresso and Stena Recycling, and other persons directly involved in the competition are not eligible to participate.
  • If there is suspicion of cheating, Nespresso has the right to control and exclude participants.


  • Stickers and recycling bags are available in Nespresso Boutiques and on www.nespresso.com/dk/en To enter, the participant must fill out a sticker with their contact information. The sticker specifies the needed contact information, and includes name, email address, Nespresso membership number and possible code for DAO return. Once the sticker is completed it is attached to a full recycling bag with Nespresso coffee capsules for either Vertuo or Original. Subsequently, this recycling bag is returned to a Nespresso approved recycling point, i.e. a Nespresso Boutique, a DAO Package Shop or one of our selected retailers.
  • By entering the competition, the participants confirm their agreement to the applicability of the Competition Terms & Conditions as described in this document.
  • Participants are required to provide accurate, up-to-date and complete information. Participants who submit incorrect personal information will therefore not be considered in determining the winners of the prizes.
  • The winners are selected through a random draw among full Nespresso recycling bags with properly completed stickers handed-in during the competition period from April until 31 december 2021.
  • Winners will be contacted every month, and the winner of the Vélosophy bike will be contacted after 31/12-2021. Nespresso reserves the right to draw new winners if the winners have not responded within 14 days of contact.


  • The following prizes are drawn at random:
    1 Limited Edition RE:CYCLE by Vélosophy bike
    50 Colombia Original-coffee capsules or, 50 Mexico Vertuo-coffee capsules
    1 Recycling Bin
    Total value: 9855-9919,50 kr.
    2ND PRIZE (10 winners every month)

    1 Caran d 'Ache ballpoint pen
    50 Colombia Original-coffee capsules or, 50 Mexico Vertuo-coffee capsules
    1 recycling bin
    Total value: 605-669,50 kr.
  • The total value of the prizes in this competition are established in advance by Nespresso and is an estimated value. No compensation will be granted to the participant if the value of the prize turns out to be lower than that first specified by Nespresso .


  • By participating in the competition, you agree that Nespresso may register all necessary competition information.
  • The information you provide as part of the competition, will only be used to administer the competition and for the same reason will only be disclosed to Nespresso's third party service provider, Stena Recycling in connection with the handling of your recycling bag, and DAO365 if you use this service.
  • Nespresso is committed to protecting the privacy of participants. All personal data transmitted during registration is stored under secure conditions. We only store the information in the competition period. Once the competition period is over, all information is deleted.


  • Nespresso will not be held responsible for any printing errors.
  • Nespresso reserves the right to terminate the competition or to change the rules, prizes, conditions, terms and information at its own discretion and without prior notice, without Nespresso accepting any liability for any damage compensation towards the participants. Any change or adjustment of the competition Terms and Conditions or termination of/change to the competition shall be published by Nespresso on the competition website. The Competition Terms and Conditions shall not be changed to the disadvantage of the participants during the course of the competition.

Supplier of the competition:

Nespresso Danmark, Arne Jacobsens Allé 7, 2300 Copenhagen S.