New vertuo
coffee redefined


25 unique coffee blends

Meet your full range of coffee styles. The New Vertuo coffees come in five cup sizes, in three different sized capsules, because no matter who you are this moment, you always deserve the most from every cup. Choose from the wide range of blends, each with its own intensity and aroma. From a short espresso, a smooth gran lungo or an indulgent mug to a larger cup of alto, you'll want to try them all!

Generous coffee crema


The Vertuo brewing process naturally creates a silky and smooth crema, revealing the fresh aromas of the coffee. You’ll find that each Vertuo capsule has a character of its own – just like you. Discover the smooth taste, full body and rich crema of each blend. Which one will you pick?

What is a Reverso?

Μοναδικά απαλός καφές

Pouring milk first and extracting coffee on top allows you to take full advantage of the New Vertuo system, allowing you to enjoy an indulgent result.What makes it unique: firstly, because the coffee is extracted on the milk, the crema is preserved. Then, when the coffee pours over the milk, the crema forms by taking a "milky" taste, resulting in a uniquely smooth, exceptional coffee.

Create your favourite coffee with Vertuo, through the innovative combination of Centrifusion™ technology and the full range of coffees in different capsule sizes. Enjoy your perfect cup of coffee, topped with a silky and generous crema, with just one touch.

Easy and convenient


What goes in to an exceptional cup of coffee ? An intelligent process that adjusts to each capsule, whatever your coffee style.

The light on the Vertuo machine tells you that the capsule has been automatically recognised and the brewing parameters will be adjusted accordingly. The brewing process has started to craft your cup of coffee.

What is the most difficult part? Making it that simple. Experience one touch technology and one touch to exceptional.

intelligent extraction system


Here is the secret: Vertuo is an intelligent system that adjusts the brewing parameters to each coffee capsule, to extract every drop of flavour and top with a rich, smooth crema.

The unique barcode on each capsule is tied to an automatic extraction parameter, that regulates the flow and volume of water, temperature, infusion time and capsule rotation.You can brew with precision, your favourite coffee style with ease, time after time.

Frequently asked questions


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