45,00 €

Your brewing spirit is set free with the Nespresso hand-blown VERTUO Carafe. Craft your own pot of coffee
and enjoy sharing it, thanks to the tailor-made capsule. Reveal all of the coffee aromas from top to bottom
by gently swirling your brew with the matte silicone stirrer. Releasing every note from cup, to cup, to cup.
With over 500ml at your disposal, the choice is yours to pour. With your family, guests, or even on your own
to prolong your coffee moment if you feel like it.

Its double-walled glass design keeps the drink hot, or cold. Leaving it up to you to take your time, while you
take your coffee. Designed by Konstantin Grcic, the carafe is a pleasure to look at, and a pleasure to pour.
For a coffee moment that flows.


Carafe dimension: height ca. 18.5 cm, capacity ca. 610 ml
Spoon dimension: length 21.5 cm
Materials: borosilicate hand-blown glass (carafe), silicone (lid, strap and stirrer)
Dishwasher safe

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