With the new Boutique Pick-Up service you have the opportunity to order your favorite coffees through the website, app or by phone and to pick it up within the next 2 hours from your favorite Nespresso Boutique, without waiting.


  • money
    When completing your online order, in Step 2 you choose as a delivery method Nespresso Boutique Pickup. Then select the Boutique from which you wish to pick up your order. If the order is made by phone, indicate to our representative the Boutique from which you wish to deliver.
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    The order takes about 2 hours to get ready. Once your order is ready, you will receive an email with the order number which you display in the boutique upon delivery.
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    You can pick up your order until the next business day during the Boutique opening hours. In case of inability to deliver from the selected Boutique, the order is canceled at the end of the next working day after the order creation and the corresponding amount is returned to the card with which the payment was made.
  • opportunity
    The delivery of Boutique Pick-Up orders is done with priority, without waiting. The service is available exclusively for the purchase of coffee capsules and with payment by card in order to be served immediately.


Upon your order delivery from the selected Nespresso Boutique, do not forget to hand over the bag with your used recycling capsules. By doing so, you become a member of our commitment to the environment.

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